Very excited to have you join us, here at Leap Hockey we are all on a journey to try and become the best players we can be.

We're stoked that you are coming with us!

Getting Started

In order to get going there are just a few things you need to get done and then you are ready to go:
Download the Zoom App onto the device you will use for your workouts, can be a phone, tablet or laptop. Create a Zoom account - they are free but you'll need one to access the LIVE sessions.
Find a 7ft by 7ft clear space with a flat surface for you to workout in. This can be anywhere!

Check the time and date of your first LIVE coaching session, these are always available on your Personal Dashboard.

Where is my Personal Dashboard? It's being created for you right now and it just takes a minute, if you refresh this page in approximately 60 seconds time, a button and also a link in your Navigation Menu will appear.

Challenge Yourself.....Inspire Each Other