Your own world class support team

Monthly mentoring in each of the four key pillars of your game  

Get on the Waitlist

Due to the amount of personal attention each athlete receives we unfortunately only have 10 spots available.

The program is currently full however you can still apply and if sucessful be added to the waitlist.

We will inform you within 5 days of your application whether you are on the list and and an estimate of when you will have an opportunity to join the program.

Price: $448 / month


Meet Your Team

Mentoring from experts in each pillar of your game. We will spend time with you every month to support you, offer advice and ensure you are taking the best path on your journey to unlock your potential.

You will have access to all four mentors for one dedicated 45 minute session per month, in addition to resources from each to help you progress in your won time.

Ross Gilham-Jones

Ex Great Britain International Player

Technical Mentor

Ross will work with you in the fundamental technical details for one skill of your choosing per month.

He will use video analysis to:
- get your current baseline
- track your progress
- demonstrate corrections

Adam Falla

US Masters World Cup Player & Coach

Tactical Mentor

Adam will study game footage with you every month. Either your own games or watch top international players in your position.

You will learn:
- how to study film
- positional role within different systems
- successful patterns in each major game phase

Stephan Vehrlé-Smith

Olympian player for Brazil & Personal Trainer

Physical Mentor

Steph will create a tailored personal training plan based on both your needs and the unique demands of elite level hockey.

You will receive tailored:
- baseline tracking & goal setting
- strength & conditioning programming
- speed & endurance programming

Claire Lewis

Ex D1 Track Athlete & Sports Psychologist - INpact Mental Performance

Mental Mentor

Peak performance comes when the mind and body are working in harmony. Like physical improvement, improved mental strength comes with consistent effort & training. Claire will teach you how to use the same tools that the best athletes and performers in the world use to succeed.

Tools to enhance:
- Confidence and self belief
- Focus and distraction control
- Performance under pressure
- Energy/anxiety management

Deadline for applications: 19th January 2024