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Our Instructors

Ross Gilham Jones

LEAP Hockey Founder & Former Great Britain International

Hockey Superpower : Speed & pressing!!
Sporting Hero : David Beckham
Movie You're Embarrassed to Love: High School Musical 🤭 🤭

Our Instructors

Sofi Southam

Team USA & University of Michigan

Movie You're Embarrassed to Love: Cars and Mama Mia 2, I can watch them on repeat all day.
Post Match Cheat Meal: Hawaiian pizza (and yes, contrary to popular opinion, pineapple definitely belongs on pizza!)
Hockey Superpower : my forehand shot (but I also have a secret behind-the-back deflection I only use sometimes)

Our Instructors

Phia Gladieux

Penn State, 1st Team All-American

Favorite Hockey Memory : Beating Michigan in overtime at home...I scored the tying goal with < 2 mins left, my teammate scored the winner in OT!!

Hockey Superpower : my reverse chip, not only is it my favorite but it’s most definitely my best skill… close second would be my quick stick work!

Sporting Hero: Tom Brady...the best to ever play, so much pride in what he does...he turns negativity into motivation, and that is truly inspiring to me

Our Instructors

Ronan Taggart

Wales International & Canterbury (English Premier League)

Movie I'm Embarrassed to Love: Pitch Perfect! I’m not sure that I’m actually that embarrassed I love it... it’s more the fact I can quote the majority of the film that’s embarrassing.

Hockey Superpower : 3D aerial & lifted skills

Pre-Match Meal: Love keeping it simple and having scrambled or poached eggs on toast, maybe some yoghurt, and then some fruit nearer game time.

Our Instructors

Adam Falla

US International Masters Player & Coach

Movie I'm Embarrassed to Love :  The Holiday - it's a Christmas Classic.

Hockey Superpower : far reaching block tackle - I have long limbs!

Sporting Hero: Eric Cantona - the greatest soccer player a lot of people have never head of.

Our Instructors

Sammy Popper

Team USA & Princeton

Favorite Hockey Memory: Winning the Indoor Pan American Games with the USA Indoor Team.

Hockey Superpower : Backspace Shot

Pre-Match Meal: Egg whites and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Our Instructors

Grace McCooey

US Jnr Olympian & Princeton

Favorite Hockey Movie :  Traveling to the Netherlands and playing hockey with kids from all over the world.

Hockey Superpower : Reverse Chip

Sporting Hero: Lindsay Vonn

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Led by Ross Gilham-Jones, we are assembling a team of the best hockey players & coaches from around the globe. Distilling their wisdom & experience to create the most comprehensive and advanced hockey training system in the sport.

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  • Online training sessions, taught by top College & International players
  • Every weekday Mon - Fri mostly at 7:30pm Eastern
  • Real time & post workout personalized feedback from our coaches


  • Learn every skill in the game with our HOW TO video tutorials
  • Get specific drills to embed them and allow you to execute in game
  • Downloadable summary cards to take on the training field


  • Train like an International Player for a weekend in locations all across the US
  • Advanced technical instruction, tactical education and video analysis
  • Members receive Pre-Sale access and 20% discount
Fundamentals are key for successful FH players and many of us don't get enough quality, individual stick and ball time. What better way to work on fundamentals than with music, feedback & high energy! I am thankful that Leap Hockey provides a great program for my players to get more stick and ball time!
- Veronica Scott, Colorado Academy Head Coach (former professional player)
I 100% recommend LEAP Live for athletes who are seeking great and convenient opportunities sharpen their field hockey game. These interactive sessions are run by a team of knowledgeable and energetic coaches who break down fundamental and elite skill areas while also incorporating components fitness. Leap Live are a great addition to your training regimen as you learn and grow in the sport!
- Stefanie Fee, US Olympian 2016, Founder Powerhouse FHC

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